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Whether you are a farmer, an orchardist, or a home gardener, good tools make the job! And you can’t do a quality job without quality tools.

It has become harder and harder to find well-made, long-lasting tools! Where can you find good hand tools that are sturdy, repairable, and properly-sized to your hand or height?

Meet Lowell Cordas, who over his lifetime as a professional horticulturalist worked his way through nearly every tool available for a gardener, arborist, or farmer.

Today Lowell’s Tools are recognized on the West Coast from British Columbia to Southern California for their high quality and creative design. “The tools we sell are the ones we used in our business; they are tools I’m comfortable with. They are for someone who needs a quality tool for professional-level work,” Lowell says.

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Lowell’s Tools 2017 Schedule

Jan. 28 Country Living Expo, Stanwood, WA
Feb. 18 Small Farm Conference, Corvallis OR
Mar. 18-19 Soroptomist Garden Show, Sequim, WA
May 6 Douglas County Master Gardener Sale, Roseburg OR (tentative)
May 13 The Inland Garden Expo, Spokane WA
May 20-21 Grays Harbor Master Gardener Sale, Elma WA
Oct. 21-22 All About Fruit Show, Canby, OR 
Nov. 4 Farm and Food Expo, Spokane, WA (mountain passes permitting)